I love Queens Crossing Dermatology! I just completed a series of botox treatments with them and I’m so happy with the results. The staff is lovely and very friendly, always super helpful when I’m booking appointments!

Tina Suvari

Dr. Huang is a great dermatologist, she’s really professional and has tons of experience. She was patient with me and took time to explain procedures and made me feel comfortable. Highly recommended.

Jamie Wu

I went to see Dr. Yee and Queens crossing a while back for a photo facial and I was really pleased. My face looks amazing. I’m booking some hair removal treatments as well. Great practice!

Gina Carano

I’ve had terrible acne scars since my teens (mid 30s now!), and I was recommended Queens Crossing by a friend. During my consult, they were thorough and went over my list of options with me, and put everything in terms I could really understand. I’m two treatments in and I notice a huge difference, my skin looks better than it has in years.

Alice Guerrero

Tomorrow makes it one month since the doctors at Queens Crossing Dermatology removed a malignant growth in my skin. I came in for some routine dermatology stuff and they were able to catch it on the spot and took care of it. That day made me a customer for life! Love them, the best dermatologists in all of NYC.

Trisha DeMateo

I got into a car accident when I was really young, and I was left with nasty keloids on my shoulders. I felt really self-conscious wearing tank tops, even in the summer time. I’ve been doing treatments at Queens Crossing derm for the past month and my keloids are looking a lot better, I would recommend them to everybody. The doctors here are amazing.Aliyah Marquez

This is by far the best dermatology practice in the city. Three amazing doctors working, and a staff that runs the place like a well-oiled machine. They do procedures I’ve never seen anywhere else, and they do them well! Definitely worth checking out…

Rita Santos

I came in for a consult to try to get rid of these gross veins in my legs. Dr. Chu recommended a schlerotherapy treatment, something I had never heard of. Now three weeks later my legs look much better, I can wear finally wear skirts this summer without being embarrassed of my legs.

Yvette Williams

I’ve been coming to Queens Crossing for a while for regular facials and a few dermal fillers here and there. Their work is great, never a long wait, the staff is organized and make you feel very welcome. I haven’t seen a better run medical practice anywhere in my 30+ years living in Queens.

Donna Fiore

I had no idea they do tattoo removal! They’ve been my dermatologists for a few months and I was always really pleased with their level of care and service but I just got my first session of tattoo removal done by them today and it looks great. After the first session (of 5 total they recommended) I noticed a huge difference already! It was quick and painless. The staff here knows what they’re doing and it really shows.

Abella Davidova

I brought my daughter in before her graduation for some facials and other things. She’s always had bad acne, that she covered with makeup only making it worse. Dr. Yee and her staff were great, they got my daughters skin much clearer than it’s been in a long time. They even gave her a list of skin care tips tailor made for her skin type, and taught her the proper way to care for her naturally oily skin.

Vicky Reynaud

I swear by Queens Crossing and their doctors. They’re great with appointments and are always willing to accommodate their patients. I never have to wait, a 3 o’clock appointment actually happens at 3! I recently booked a special phototherapy appointment for my psoriasis, every other doctor I’ve been to prescribes me the same creams that don’t work. Dr. Huang’s methods actually work and she actually cares for her patients.

Rachele Cohen

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